Companies today are faced with…

Historic low levels of employee retention.

Middle managers in crisis, not connected to teams.

Disengaged frontline employees.


We know connecting and engaging your frontline workforce is a challenge, feeds and channels will not work. At Red e App we have solved this.

Red e App

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Meaningful Connection and Highly targeted Communication, Between the Company, Middle Managers, and Frontline Employees: Driving Efficiency

Shelbe AI

Shelbe Red Inside

Individual, Automated, Granular Permission Based on Titles, Teams, Location, Project, and Much Much More. Reduce Noise and increase Adoption and Usage

App Hub

App Hub

Easy Single Access, For All HCM Apps, Usage Increased 300%, Adds New Life to Existing Legacy Systems.

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East & Westbrook
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“With our previous employee engagement platform, we had 30% adoption after two years. With Red e App, we have 87% adoption in two months. But what is even more impressive is our same day communication read rates are over 83%!”

HRC Director HR, Talent Management

“With 23 locations spread across 2 states, it isn’t possible for me to have face-to-face time with all of our employees. Red e App allows me to engage individual employees on a personal level, creating connection that improves retention.”

Heinie Brothers, HR Manager


Frontline employee retention and disengagement will continue to be a major obstacle until you provide a meaningful, and relevant connection to middle managers and their teams.

Start today!

Increase workforce efficiency, improve employee retention, and grow profitability.

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